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Sounds crazy, i know, but in the early days that was it. Vault grading provides grading, pressing, encapsulation, valuation, and screening services to comic book collectors. But as a rule of thumb, as im deciding which comics to submit for grading i always estimate the true cost of. Grading was introduced in part 1 of this series comic book grading. The thing that has changed most over time is how refined the grading scale has become. The newest and second most popular comic book grading company. The ultimate upside to getting your comics cgc graded is that it greatly enhances the value of your comics if they are in really good condition. Comic book grading the basics of grading comics superworld. We pride ourselves on carefully selecting the right process for every comic book submitted to us. In each video, we move up the grading scale, first examining the cgc graded comic, and then we look at two different comics with the same grade to compare and contrast their differences, because even though they are the same grade, they can look quite different. Introduction to cgc grading for new comic book collectors. May 19, 2016 third party graders have established a standard numeric grading system that most of todays collectors rely upon. The basic letter grade scale for comic books can be defined in simplified terms as follows.

Cbcs pressing also acts as a comic book drop off site for both pressing and grading. It is not the practice, however, to use numbers other than those in this scale so you wouldnt see a book graded 6. Fair is the lowest grade that a comic book can receive as long as it. Jun 21, 2017 the term grading refers to finding the condition that a comic book is in. Cgc is an independent member of the certified collectibles group of companies. Certified guaranty company, also known as cgc, is a sarasota, florida comic book grading service. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a check mark designation is to refer to the graders notes. The advantages of the collectors condition comic book raw grading labeling system is.

A grader must comb over a book in very minute detail, looking for myriad imperfections like wear, tears, rounded corners, marks, page color e. The numeric grading system based on the books condition ranges from. There are great reasons to slab a comic slabbing is slang for getting a comic professionally graded and encased in an unopenable hard plastic shell from cgc, pgx, or cbcs. Grading guide pgx comics pgx comic grading services. Pgx also offers a comparable service and directly competes with cgc in the comic book grading market. Each book is placed within protective mylar that has affixed to it a label bearing the invoice and line item numbers, information which is duplicated on the label in a barcoded inscription for quick reading by the computer. If there is disagreement among the graders, there will be a discussion with. This applies mainly to silver age comics, as noted earlier. In 2017 cbcs redesigned their labels, and this article will only be covering the new ones. Originally produced in conjunction with the first edition of the overstreet comic book grading guide, the owl or overstreets whiteness level card is a comic book grading tool used to evaluate paper color on the reverse side is the one or overstreets numerical equivalent card, which translates the traditional letter grades into their equivalent values on a 100point numerical. I got tired of using standard labels, cutting, taping, searching, and wasting time. Advice for those who dont know how to grade comics.

Every comic book certified by cgc is graded by the hobbys most experienced and trusted team, according to wellestablished grading standards. Graded blue the blue label for cbcs covers any comic that is not signed. Cbcs comic book grading understand the labels comic burst. Is getting the comic professionally graded up its price, or is it just nice to have it in a fancy case with a grade number. Below are cgcs grading standards for each numeric grade as well as the restoration grading scale.

Comic book grades are given to a book reflecting the quality of printing, storage, and upkeep of a particular book. I have been a comic book fan, collector, publisher pocket comicsmars attacks 1988 and graphic artist for years necessity is the mother of invention. Books that have been encapsulated and certified by an objective thirdparty grading service take the guesswork out of the grading process for both collectors and dealers. One way comic books are graded is on the basic grading scale, which runs from mint the highest, through near mint, very fine, fine, very good, good, fair, and poor the lowest. Pgx was created to meet the growing demand for professional, thirdparty comic book grading. We closely monitor and calibrate our staff to maintain adherence to our established standards.

A comic must be relatively complete to be successfully restored. The best possible existing condition of that comic book. Grading your comic books guide revel in the detail. The book pretty much summarizes all the checking points in determining the value of a comic book, and provides extensive comic book grading scale and descriptions for each grading level. For collector and dealer alike, it is essential to grade the condition of a comic fairly and accurately in order to determine its true value and worth. In these rare cases, a check mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. Bends, folds, or dents that warp the shape or surface of the book, but dont affect the color. Cgc uses a 10point grading scale to evaluate comics. R is for romance pop art comic, romance comics, comic. Some comic book stores even have authorized vendors who can send your books in for you. During this evaluation, if your comic is deemed to be too fragile to safely undergo pressing, it will be rejected at this point at no cost to you. The comic is now ready to be fitted inside an archivalquality interior well, which is then sealed within a transparent capsule, along with the books colorcoded label. It is the first independent and impartial third party grading service for comic books. But what i mean is, i love the tactile experience of comics.

Wwhether you love dc comics, marvel comics or you are an indie comic. This 10point comic book grading scale is widely used now and you will often see people grade by simply putting the number value on the book with the classic descriptive grade. As condition evaluators and restoration detection experts, the professionals at pgx have spent decades inspecting multiple copies of a wide variety of comics from every era. All professional graders, whether grading coins, currency, or comics are charged with placing your items under a microscope see logo to determine their condition and therefore value. Comic book grading learn the scale and how to apply it. Egs european grading service halo certification pgx professional grading experts vault 60 day comic grading mcg midwest comic grading. Armed with this knowledge and a good understanding of the market, you should be able to make an informed decision about restoration. When grading gets to fine, you start operating on a point system. Comic book grading labels collectors condition comic book. What matters is the condition of the comic before it was stored. If you live in the tampast petersburg area, it will allow you to continue dropping off orders both pressing and nonpressing directly to us. Although the grading of books is not a precise science, collectors should familiarize themselves with these terms. Comic book grading company the affordable and reliable. Most comics graded using the tenpoint grading scale have cover scans, so when youre considering purchasing a comic you can see the front and sometimes back cover scans of the exact comic being offered.

The 2 reputable thirdparty professional grading services both begin with c use the same scale, but not exactly the same criteria, but overstreet has collaborated with them for their newest grading guide. Comic book grading labels collectors condition comic. Some basic descriptive terms are used by booksellers to communicate book condition. A standard color coded raw grading tool that is exclusively designed for you the comic book collectorinvestor. This process grades books in which something is missing from a book which is. Once pressing has been completed the pressing submission will be shipped at no additional cost to cbcs grading in dallas. The owlone card comes sealed in its original foil packaging. If you love cbcs and want to connect with other collectors checkout cbcs comic. Comic book grading part 1 certified guaranty company. Comic grading is the process of encasing a comic book in a plastic case. This plastic case forever seals your comic, unless you destroy the case to extract the comic. Before any grading is performed, each book is examined by a. Thanks for the response batman007, if i understand you, you are saying spine roll is a function of use as in reader wear and tear and not a manufacturing issue. Dec 24, 20 the real freakin comic book men greg eide has been selling comic books as his livelihood for over 42 years.

Cbcs team members all share in the love of our hobby and the medium. This is part 3 of a 4 part series about grading comics. Before any grading is performed, each book is examined by a cgc restoration detection professional. A high grade, like an a or mint, is good, while a low grade. Grading certified guaranty company, llc cgc comics.

A couple of minor flaws might be allowable, but no more. Aug 12, 2014 some comic book stores even have authorized vendors who can send your books in for you. Predating todays commonly used 10point numerical grading scale by about 10 years, the 100point scale was an unsuccessful early attempt to apply a more scientific standard to the comic book grading process. For one, if you have a really valuable book, it offers a form of protection. In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade.

Before you ship your comics, please read the shipping information below. I was wondering why the comic books on ebay with a cgc grading and case were worth more than the ones that only came in a plastic sleeve. The grade of a comic book is very similar to a report card grade. He opened his first brick and mortar store in march of 1972. The primary reason to grade a comic is that there is a direct correlation between the condition of the comic and the value of the book. Grading was introduced in part 1 of this series comic book grading understand the options and cbcss system follows a 0. If all grades are in agreement or are very close, the book will be assigned a final grade.

I am new to many of these kinds of aspects of collecting comic books. An absolutely perfect comic with zero imperfections would receive a 10. Even professional grading services like cgc, cbcs, and pgx acknowledge that the same book may not always receive the same grade if it is submitted for grading more than once. A guide to grading the comic book price guide for great. If you like comic book grading, you might love these ideas. As longtime users of nostomania know, the value of a comic depends strongly on grade. I just want to get the most out of what is probably my best comic. This collectibles shop page has the standard 10 point grading scale and definitions, as used in the overstreet guide. This is accomplished through a combination of compression and ultrasonic vibration.

Aaron albert, a collector of and an expert on comic books, has studied, taught, and written about the comic book genre for more than 20 years. Well do a subsequent blog talking about the merits of the various companies that offer gradingslabbing services, but for right now, lets concentrate on the. The grade assigned to your book will be a number between 0. Grading your comic books guide revel in the detail comics. If you were to receive a grade on a book you purchased from us, after january 1, 2003, that was graded as nm that came in below 8. Cbcs, pbx, and cgc are the most popular grading services in the usa. Students can illustrate a trip through the solar system, the track food takes through the digestive. Another way is on a tenpoint grading scale from 10. Comics that are graded are assigned a number based on how nice your comic is, and that neighbor is displayed on the interior label of the case. Comic grading professional comic book grading eliminates concerns about grade misrepresentations by providing a professional assessment of condition and quality.

Then, simply register or login to start the submission process. And in some instances even a second flaw can drop a. For example, we will never say that a comic is in good condition when we buy it, but list it as very good when we sell it. Who is the most reputable to help get the most value. Complete descriptions sell more books grading book. The younger a comic, the less likely the book will increase in value significantly from restoration.

In instances where our grading results in a grade higher than that used when you submitted the comic, we will purchase the comic at the price corresponding to the higher grade. The higher the grade, the better the condition the comic book is in. Take a close look, ideally with a magnifying glass, and make careful notes of any apparent damage, including. So, our slabs will fit in most graded comic book boxes for long term storage. Therefore, mcg is acting both as a grading unit for mcb and trying to fill a void in both affordability and availability in the world of comic book grading. The term grade is used to describe what condition a comic book is in. It is the first independent and impartial third party grading service for comic books the company was launched in early 2000 and has since gone on to become a notable part of the comic book collecting community. The result is a newlyencapsulated cgc comic, ready to be shipped to its proud owner.

How a comic book price guide created the comics industry. Preventative restoration, widely used and accepted by collectors, consists of nonadditive restoration on a book with one or two major defects. The most difficult, contentious and eternally frustrating aspect of comic collecting is grading. The real freakin comic book men greg eide has been selling comic books as his livelihood for over 42 years. Mar 27, 2020 when grading a comic book, the first thing youll see is the cover. Comics listed for sale on johns comics and stuff are listed with the basic grading scale. The standard comic book grading system that is widely used today is the one developed in the official overstreet comic book grading guide. The online form will allow you to easily submit any number of comics, and then you can print a copy of the form to be included in your shipment. Cbgc provides the only easy to use, online comic submission form. Comic book certification service cbcs was started by professional comic book hobbyists with the intent of protecting our fellow hobbyists when buying and selling comic books. Some of the older collectors may recall this when i was a kid, as far as some oldschool dealers were concerned a book was either good, fine, or mint.

You can think of the grade of a comic book like a grade on a report card. Cgc comics, a guide to grading comics and the differences between them. Furthermore, what a comic book is stored in does not have any bearing on the grade of that comic book. The company was launched in early 2000 and has since gone on to become a notable. The term grading refers to finding the condition that a comic book is in. Therefore being able to correctly determine the grade of a comic is an important skill for buyers and sellers alike. The comic book price guide for great britain a guide to grading. Special thanks to our comic grading advisor steve borock, president of cbsc comic book certification service, former heritage auctions consignment director and former cgc presidentprimary grader. When grading a comic book, the first thing youll see is the cover. When you go to buy a car, an antique, house, or other purchases, you want to know what kind of shape it is in. Comic book grading is very subjective with varying opinions. A book in poor condition will be worth far less than the same book in fine condition.

Mar 12, 2018 grading was introduced in part 1 of this series comic book grading understand the options and cbcss system follows a 0. Grading is the second investigation a comic goes through, this time to evaluate the condition of the comic cover and pages. Pgx utilizes the overstreet comic book grading guide in its definitions of condition. The grading label can not be removed without destroying the slab. We need to emphasize, however, that not more than two of the above mentioned flaws can appear in the same comic. This is intended to be a basic guide so that you have a general idea of the grade of your books for pricing purposes.

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