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It was the first full album to feature elemental and includes the track that kicked it all off, cup of brown joy. Shouts to jamie keys tom brown clifford cumber chris mole please do share it around too. Its a beautiful little scene that i think is just about a page and a half and yet it is probably one of the most talked about scenes in the series. Peter appears to be working for both elemental brothers simultaneously. See more ideas about bones funny, giggle, make me laugh. A few of my favourite steampunks airship ambassador. A classic giveaway comic from the brown shoe company, featuring adventure stories and comical hijinks from andy devine and the buster brown gang of talking animals. Since then he has released a new album, continued his work in the community and performed live. Professor elemental the indifference engine discogs. He started talking while he was still in the womb, was reading and solving math problems before he could walk, graduated magna cum laude with a. Professor elemental was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Weird weird west professor elemental featuring steam. It has been ten years since professor elemental, aka paul alborough, released the music video for his song cup of brown joy, bringing his unique form of whimsical. Using a teapot, a mug or fine china, been hooked up to ivs, need constant supplies. Professor elemental a platter of platypuses discogs. Cup of brown joy tea bag remix play the indifference engine is the first album from professor elemental. Aside from a few of his experiments best left unmentioned, the professor first got himself noticed with the track cup of brown joy.

Released in 2011, the first issue of professor elemental comics contains 3 stories from some of the small press worlds leading lights liam ghostpockets byrne tackles the first ever prof comic adventure his trip to the congo to find a new butler, james feist introduces the professor s sweetheart sadie bell and the lengths the prof will go to for her, and owen watts presents a. Pinball seen in some of the display animations for stern pinball s indiana jones, and also invoked by the map background used in the backglass and playfield. The attic from the song of the same name changes with each visit, is ruled by king rat and populated by a range of strange and malevolant spirits. The indifference engine by professor elemental on amazon. You can now buy it on vinyl or even in a limited edition set with a tea coaster and patch. Steampunk tuesday interview with professor elemental. Store for professor elemental, a hip hop artist from brighton.

Three cheers for professor elemental and his splendid comics. Everything stops for tea by professor elemental on amazon. Elements of the professor tom caruana instrumentals vol. Produced by the legendary tom caruana, it features songs about tea, trousers, golden frogs and goodness knows what else. Many end up as reprints of old stories or alltoobrief introductions to a story that is way far away. Brace yourself for the adventures of professor elemental. Professor elemental comics professor elemental is also in the real world a chaphop rapper, who pens songs about tea and trousers, and has achieved international fame and recognition through his youtube hits cup of brown joy and fighting trousers. Cup of brown joy tea bag remix by professor elemental on. I believe from the book of mormon musical on the 65th.

This wonderful mug designed by rob stephens is the perfect container for your cup of brown joy. Professor elemental comics was a comics anthology series filled with short. A breath of fresh air in our serious scene a standout moment of psychedelic neovictorian rap. Free comic book day can be hit or miss with some titles. Professor elemental was born in deepest ipswich, the latest in a long line of loons.

This was soon followed by a scuffle with another rapper named mr b, resulting in the follow up fighting trousers. Hvbris performed to professor elementals cup of brown joy. Smilin ed and his gang interstellar police gunga now you can relive or, enjoy for the first time these great adventures from generations past, with golden age reprints line of comic reprints. This novel should not only appeal to fans of professor elemental and nimue brown, but i would also recommend it to fans of gideon defoe and terry pratchett. In cup of brown joy, professor elemental s head on a teacup travels to places famous for tea across the globe.

I apologize if its too big, but im very excited to announce that my new book is on sale. It was moog who first suggested making a video for cup of brown joy and moog who subsequently went on to direct all of my music videos, well, the really good ones anyway. All portions of the grand comics database, except where noted otherwise, are ed by the gcd and are licensed under a creative commons attributionsharealike 4. Professor elemental fighting trousers lyrics genius lyrics. Paul alborough born 1 june 1975, professionally known as professor elemental, is a. Here we are ten years later following the release of professor s elemental s first internet hit his ode to tea cup of brown joy. I approached the professor to discuss the creation of a comic about his character, having established that he. With a career spanning a decade, professor elemental first got noticed with cup of brown joy which notched up over two million views and headlines in the national press. Home page of professor elemental, a hip hop artist from brighton. Check out everything stops for tea by professor elemental on amazon music. The chronicles of professor elemental web original tv. Professor elemental and his amazing friends professor elemental.

This edit will also create new pages on comic vine for. Part 2 where the prof recruits other rappers, beatboxers and musicians to come make some musical mayhem with him. Welcome back to the pop quiz at the end of the universe. He first got noticed with the track cup of brown joy which notched up over a million hits. Whilst still pretty hilarious, compared to his other work the indifference engine definitely plays up the more deranged side of the. Final form ultron versus rune king thor and another battle jesusfan mon feb 24, 2020 at 10. Professor elemental returns after 2018s school of whimsy with another dose of his particular beats and rhymes in the form of professor elemental and his amazing friends. Its full of clear and fun explanations and cartoons. At the time, i wasnt into nerdcore so i didnt really pay attention except to laugh and move on. Professor elemental, a hip hop artist from brighton. Professor elemental, the indifference engine more tea. The book is priced right, excellently written and illustrated in a way that makes you feel the time period and setting.

This is the full length comic book adaption, all in colour and including bonus sketches, script pages and more. The theme for this years steamcon, the 5th steamcon ever to be held, was around the world taken from the original novel around the world in 80 days written by jules verne, who is. A steampunk flavoured mad professor, his inventions and adventures have taken him around the world. Professor elemental, a fixture of britans chaphop subculture yes, thats a real thingbeats, rhymes, and moustaches delivers a scathing diss to mr. It was a lovely combination of finding my voice where i wasnt trying to hide all my white middle classness in the hiphop world, and also steampunk coming along at just the right time. Comixtribe released a great middle ground with this book, supplying a nice addendum to an already amazing miniseries and offering a fantastic introduction to an upcoming one. I loved it from my first read through and just couldnt help but turn it into a short little comic like im wont to do. Written by chris mole futurequake, prof elemental comics and illustrated by bob molesworth star wars, ninja turtles all wrapped up in a wonderful cover by charlie adlard walking dead, astronauts in trouble. Elemental is also a member of come into my parlour, a victorian cabaret steampunk theatrical troupe in england, several members of whom appear in his cup of brown joy and fighting trousers videos. The video has notched up over a million views on youtube.

Professor elemental professor elemental and his amazing. Froggy gremlin shrinks andy down so he can ride in a toy plane with the rest of the gang. Get ready for a wild ride through haunted attics, faraway islands, the gritty streets of victorian london and the. Join the mailing list for occasional tidings of joy, news and free music. Ryan brown born may 2, 1962, in lodi, ohio is a comic book writer and artist and toy designer best known for his work on teenage mutant ninja turtles and the animated series wild west c. The chronicles of professor elemental web original tv tropes.

Several nods to professor elemental s songs, including his tea obsession from cup of brown joy and his ape butler from animal magic. All of favourite songs from cup of brown joy to fighting trousers are here, along with a bumper crop of remixes and instrumentals. Cup of brown joy remix instrumental cup of brown joy remix instrumental. Professor elemental a platter of platypuses 20, vinyl. We have no idea is a fun and accessible book about the universe and how little we know of it. He was, until recently, in a friendly feud with fellow chaphop artist mr. Produced by tom caruana, with professor elemental on vocals. The reigning king of steampunkflavoured chaphop returns. His father was a victim of a severe grinding accident whilst working on the creation of a new grinding machine, leaving baby elemental to be raised under the watchful eye of his overprotective mother. The only safe way out is to be lead back by theowlknowingone lord owl. Cup of brown joy by professor elemental, released 28 march 2008 1. His hobbies include adventure, invention, and a good cuppa.

Mar 01, 2016 their comic hopeless, maine is a unique journey through a dark and fantastic world and individually they write, draw and create at an astoundingly prolific level. You may have noticed the huge banner below each comic. I am fairly sure nimue writes a new book every other week plus she has written one of my favourite short stories of all time and tom has kindly drawn me tea labels, comic covers. Its got the same catchy tunes and comedic lyrics that we enjoyed so much at the ball, and the tracks include splendid, cup of brown joy and his most famous one, fighting trousers. Usually a 2 piece, the band filled out to a 4 piece specifically for calne fest back in june. You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me c. This was followed by his scuffle with mr b, resulting in the video fighting trousers. Professor elemental the adventures of professor elemental. Elemental appeared and did a song on the phineas and ferb episode steampunx cool helmet. Professor elemental is creating joyful music, videos. Professor solomon seltzer has always been a genius. Letters between gentlemen is a thoroughly entertaining read, filled with at first subtle humor that builds and weaves into a madcap and zany yarn. It was removed by doctors soon afterwards and remains in the british museum of the unpleasant to this very day.

How to find your niche playing to your strengths with. Dec 08, 2015 weird weird west, featuring steampowered giraffe and moog rapscallion. I recently stumbled across professor elemental comics no, i dont know how. The professor elemental character first gained notoriety with his music video for cup of brown joy, directed by moog which got the attention of warren ellis.

Professor elemental tickets the yellow book brighton. A steampunk flavoured mad professor, his inventions and adventures have taken me around the world. A big thumbs up and i look forward to purchasing the next issue. See more ideas about professor elemental, professor and golden frog. Ciaraldi collection of comic books and other materials, estimated to contain 60,000 items, has been donated to the brown university library. In cup of brown joy, his head on a teacup travels to places famous for tea across the globe. I first became aware of this subgenre of nerdcore a couple of years ago when elemental s cup of brown joy was released mar. Fighting trousers and cup of brown joy share over three million.

Professor elemental is also in the real world a chaphop rapper, who pens songs about tea and trousers, and has achieved international fame and recognition through his youtube hits cup of brown joy and fighting trousers. Here then is the first series of radio plays documenting the adventures of britains most ridiculous mad professor. Kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and call him george. Provided to youtube by believe sas cup of brown joy professor elemental, tom caruana rebel without applause. Though perhaps still best known for his underground hit a cup of brown joy, theres much more to his work than a simple ode to tea and a pith helmet. Brown university library receives ciaraldi comic book collection the michael j. Definitely look into it and go to youtube and search for professor elemental. Professor elemental is best known for wildly mixing incredibly witty rap about lovely things like the british love for tea see the song. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Elemental s pith helmet crowd song callandresponse song. Professor elemental steampunk chap hop sensation paul alborough, otherwise known as professor elemental first gained notoriety with his music video for his cult hit cup of brown joy and has since become one the faces of steampunk, with spinoffs including an appearance in disneys phineas and ferb and his own comic book.

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