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Some common crops and their botanical names include corn zea mays, wheat tritcum spp. Commlistsnsycommon name to botanical 809 the agricultural extension service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion or veteran status, and is an equal opportunity. Roger blench hausa plant names hausalatin circulation version iv 1. The a to z of plant names from acronychia oblongifolia to zieria smithii, the scientific or botanical names of plants are based on sound scientific principles. The juice from this root can be used to treat cough and conditions like difficulty in breathing. Yes, latin names are useful in plant identification. I was surprised to learn that many botanical names are not of latin derivation, but are greek or simply named after a person. Vegetable history, nomenclature, and classification. An international journal industrial crops and products. Carl linnaeus, a famous botanist, and zoologist developed the system of binomial nomenclature.

Tree names, list of common and botanical types of trees. Tree names, list of common and botanical types of trees with. Types include foliage, flowering, succulents and cacti. Kikar mimosaceae india and tropical africa used for making furnitures, tanning, dyeing fabrics yellow, stem yields gum while. Botanical baby names have meanings related to plants and plant life. It is a small flowered, white decorative type chrysanthemum. Botanical latin names for farm crops identification.

The botanical names for the edible vegetable plant parts and some examples of each are. Pdf scientific names of crop plants are adopted and where required. Spices of india spices under the purview of the spices board english common botanical family partused name name name as spice 1. Horsetail young strobili division pterophyta fern group dennstaedtiaceae pteridium aquilinum l. Botanical name common name name of family distribution traditional uses of plants photo 1. Beans spinacea oleracea, phaseolus vulgarispalak 5. Fruitscucumbers, bell peppers, pumpkins,and tomatoes flowersbroccoli, cauliflower, and artichokes leaves. Green gram is taken with cotton v 797 as inter crop in saurashtra region during kharif season. Gardeners who use clover or alfalfa as cover crops in winter will need to rotate them along with other members of this family, since they are also legumes and susceptible to the same diseases. Botanical and common names, families, distribution and. Scientific names of plants and animals general knowledge. Acacia koa koa 47 acacia koaia koaia 47 acacia mangium mangium 47 acalypha wilkensiana beefsteak 47 ajuga reptans carpet bugle 47 aleurites moluccana kukui, lama, lumbang, sakan, raguar, candlenut tree 47 alpinia zerumbet shell ginger 47 arachis glabrata forage peanut 48 arachis pintoi cv. At the simplest level of scientific classification, each scientific name consists of two parts a generic or genus name and a specific name or epithet.

Pdf crop plants of india a check list of scientific names. In fact, at the heart of this way of assigning scientific names to plants is a simple twoword formula, whereby the first word is the genus name and the second one the. Crop plants of india a check list of scientific names. Gardeners with limited space may simply divide up their garden plot into three or four sections and rotate plant families around the garden, while others have separate plots they use for vegetable. He was better known by the latinized form of his name, carolous linnaeus. Every species on earth has its own unique scientific name. A botanical name is a formal scientific name conforming to the international code of nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants icn and, if it concerns a plant cultigen, the additional cultivar or group epithets must conform to the international code of nomenclature for cultivated plants icncp. Along with chloe and bentley, other botanical names for babies in the us top include aspen, briar, daisy, nash, oliver, rowan, sylvie, and zaria. To be sure, it isnt that latin is inherently clearer than english or any other modern language.

In general, the larger grains used, as staple foods are cereals such as rice, wheat, maize, barley etc. Botanical names, common names, and edible parts of plants used as vegetables botanical name common name edible plant part division sphendophyta equisetaceae horsetail family equisetum arvense l. More information on the definitions of crops is contained in definition and classification of commodities fao, 1996c. For example, chrysanthemum is the botanical name for most daisies. Shoot has one of the largest index of plants on the web with over 20,000 plants. Brassicacae also known as the cole crops, members of the mustard family tend to be cool season plants and are used by many gardeners to extend their.

Both the generic and specific names are written or underlined separately crops and their botanical name common name botanical name family name 1. Scientific names of the most common animals and plants. Names with botanical meanings include flower names, tree names, herb names, fruit names, and names inspired by herbs, grasses, sprouts, and shrubs, such as chloe and bentley. The focus should be on agricultural production as an end result. To help countries use icc, an alphabetical list of crops with botanical names and crop codes is shown in appendix 4.

Plant list ordered by botanical name with pictures from. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Heres the guide on how to crop a pdf with pdf candy. Plants with beautiful flowers are cultivated as ornamental. The use of tree pictures to help with tree species identification is also recommended each species of tree can have many different names, here we cross reference them so you can find out the botanical and common names for a tree. Botanical and common names, families, distribution. Cropping system early maturing varieties mature in 6070 days and they can be fitted between kharif and rabi season crops. For example, potato is ipomea batata ipomea is the genus or generic name while batata is the species or specific name. We have listed common fruits and vegetables with both their common names and scientific names. Root and tuber crops cassava, yam, potato and sweet potato. Aleurites moluccana kukui, lama, lumbang, sakan, raguar, candlenut tree 47.

The first word represents the larger group the plant belongs to, the genus plural genera, not genuses, and the first letter is always capitalized. Vegetable history, nomenclature, and classification 3 the global positioning system gps and its related technologies to improve vegetableproduction efficiency. A web page providing general knowledge on scientific names of common plants, fruits, vegetables and some common trees including scientific name of mehndi, pudina, ginger, turmeric, grains and cereals. This is especially true when there is no live specimen to associate the name with. Abaca manila hemp musa textilis alfalfa for fodder medicago sativa alfalfa for seed medicago sativa almond prunus dulcis anise seeds pimpinella anisum apple malus sylvestris apricot prunus armeniaca areca betel nut areca catechu.

A group of plant which are grown or harvested for obtaining yield, and has economic value, e. What are the 30 common agricultural crops and their. It derives from puls or porridge, a cooked bean dish which the ancient romans were fond of eating. Origin of the plants botanical name, the meaning of its name, where the plant originally came from, its family all information that helps the gardener understand the plant and remember its botanical name.

A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Plant products, tied to specific crops plants, and their modification to meet new industrial uses. What are the 30 common agricultural crops and their botanical. Classification and botanical description of legumes.

Common and scientific names for plant and wildlife species mentioned in the battle creek salmon and steelhead restoration project environmental impact statement environmental impact report plants common name scientific name adobelily fritillaria puriflora aharts paronychia paronychia ahartii annual agoseris agoseris heterophylla annual. What are the most common agricultural crops and their. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper from the quiz author. Botanical and common names, families, distribution and use of plants sr. Alphabetical list of crops with botanical name and crop code crop name botanical name icc code previous code 1 abaca manila hemp musa textilis 92 2. A botanical name consists of two words, and is therefore referred to as a binomial. In addition, taxonomy, the science of classification, gives plants a second scientific. These rules are laid down for crop species by the international code of nomenclature. World programme for the census of agriculture 2010.

Common name to botanical name tennessee state university. Note that the different levels of icc namely, groups, classes, subclasses and orders do not relate in. The specific name distinguish between different organism with a genus. Millet crops are the small grained cereals, which are the minor importance as food, and they have a single cover.

Classification and organisation entities are comprehensively organised which makes understanding and studying characteristics of particular. Cultivation of solanaceous vegetables, cucurbits, cole crops, bulbous vegetables, root vegetables, okra. Moreover, thousands more arent exactly the words you know, but youll instantly see the familiar flower name in the botanical version. Appendix i common and scientific names for plant and. Plant botanical names, common names, the gardeners network. Vegetable plant families using family names of vegetables. Botany, also called plant sciences, plant biology or phytology, is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. Pdf scientific names and families of some field crops. However, the common names of plants often vary from region to region, which is why most plant encyclopedias refer to plants using their scientific names, in other words using binomials or latin names a. World programme for the census of agriculture 2010 appendix 4 alphabetical list of crops with botanical name and crop code crop name botanical name icc code previous code 1 abaca manila hemp musa textilis 92 2. Cardamom smallelettaria cardamomum maton zingiberaceae fruit,seed cardamom large amomum subulatum roxb. Sep 29, 2018 some common crops and their botanical names include no.

The provision of a simple guide to the giving and correct use of plant names has. They should be made from stiff, acidfree, paper or cardboard of. This is an online quiz called crops by botanical name. Common, tagalog, and scientific names of fruits and. Introduction this is a guide to the hausa names of plants, both wild and cultivated. The system of naming crops and weeds is based on that introduced by the swedish naturalist, carlvon linne. Decreasing the environmental footprint caused by intensive commercial vegetable production while using less water and energy will only increase in importance in the future.

The first part of the scientific name are always written with the generic name first. Botanical scientific names of vegetables hindimeaning. The plant list provides the accepted latin name for most species, with links to all synonyms by which that species has been known. The hausa language, apart from being the first language of many people in nigeria and niger, is an important second language to many communities in surrounding areas. Botanical definition of botanical by the free dictionary. This is a list of botanical or scientific names of vegetables. Flower names you know such as iris, hibiscus, and aster are all botanical names, too.

Botanical gardens came much later to northern europe. The use of tree pictures to help with tree species identification is also recommended. He used latin names to describe groups of vegetables with similar traits. It is a small flowered, white anemone type mini chrysanthemum. Common, tagalog, and scientific names of fruits and vegetables victor t. Scientific names or binomial nomenclature is a scientific process wherein entities such as plants, animals, living entities are named and they are derived from latin. Sorghum, sorghum bicolor, also called great millet, indian millet, milo, durra, orshallu, cereal grain plant of the grass family and its edible starchy seeds. Abaca manila hemp musa textilis alfalfa for fodder medicago sativa alfalfa for seed medicago sativa almond prunus dulcis anise seeds pimpinella anisum apple malus sylvestris apricot prunus armeniaca areca betel nut areca catechu arracha arracacia xanthorrhiza arrowroot maranta arundinacea. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Botanical names and their common name equivalents by coombes, allen j.

The word legume is derived from the latin verb legere which means to gather. Uwo herbarium workshop in plant collection and identification, 2004. The scientific names of plants should always be underlined or written in italics. One of the beneficial parts of this tree is the root. Agronomic of field crops, scientific names, list of crops scribd. The aggregate value of yam, cassava, potato and sweet potato exceeds all other african staple crops, and is much higher than the value of cereal crops cereals annually producing on average 169 million tons from 108 million ha of land.

Each indoor plant is given its main common name used and botanical scientific name. As for the terminology, binomial nomenclature, binomial literally means using or having two names, and nomenclature is from the latin for the assigning of names. At the start, memorizing the scientific names of farm crops and other plants is timeconsuming and difficult. General plantlist from victoria garden, sorted by botanical name 690 different plants general lists natives plant types bulbs trees shrubs grasses. Classification and botanical description of legumes legumes, or pulses, are flowering plants in the leguminosae family. This is a list of plants organized by their common names.

Free availability and use of cultivar and group names, which should not be. The key to the clarity behind the binomial system rests not in the specific tongue chosen to implement it, but rather in the fact that people have agreed to use it worldwide. Scientific names of crop plants are adopted and where required modified according to a standard set of rules. Throughout this period, botany remained firmly subordinate to medicine. Jul 29, 2017 scientists have given each and every recognized species on earth its own scientific names to uniquely identify them to avoid confusion. Gujarat conditions, keep the crop weed free up to 30 days during summer season. A botanist, plant scientist or phytologist is a scientist who specialises in this field. This site is maintained by the center for agriculture, food and the environment. Identification of major agronomic crops and study of their local names, english names, botanical names and families mirza hasanuzzaman, phd professor department of agronomy sherebangla agricultural university sau email. List of plant pictures by scientific name scientific name. Indeed, superior clarity is the reason why we use botanical names, even though few living people go around speaking latin. Caring, propagation, descriptions and other information for each species is provided. You can view our list of common tree names, or a list of botanical tree names to identify the common or botanical tree name or type.

Maize is a major staple food crop grown in diverse agroecological zones. What are some common crops and their botanical names. Others are tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum, eggplants solanum melongena var. If you want to search a specific name, you may use the search box below. Agronomic of field crops, scientific names, list of crops free download as word doc. Together, these two names are referred to as a binomial. Az list of house plants common and scientific names. If you are appearing for the upcoming railways or ssc exams, you must go through important scientific names of plants, fruits. The plant naming system was devised by the swedish botanist, carl linnaeus 1707 1778, in the mid 18th century. The plant likely originated in africa, where it is a major food crop, and has numerous varieties, including grain sorghums, used for food. This is especially true when there is no live specimen to associate the name. Importance of botanical plant names home guides sf gate. The term botany comes from the ancient greek word botane meaning pasture, grass, or fodder.

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